Change #1 Courtesy of Image Comics
Change #1 Courtesy of Image Comics

Rating: Rejected/Resisted/Recommended/Required

Jesus this comic is bad. That’s what I thought reading the first two pages of Change #1, the new mini-series by Ales Klot, published by Image Comics. It’s all over the place, the writing is overwrought, and the art seems a little bit off, just not to my taste. My heart sank. Finally this is the title which will end Image Comics unstoppable run of innovative, ground-breaking comic books that it has been producing this year.

Of course, I was wrong.

The first two pages are revealed to be the imaginings of a work-in-progress screenplay depicting the life of rapper Wallace Maya, as written by the seeming protagonist of the story Sonia Bjornquist. After their relationship breaks down Sonia steals Maya’s car and goes back to her agent. There is a great scene with Sonia in Maya’s car, the vehicle almost jumping off the page.

Once the story opens out the first two pages suddenly make sense and fit well in to the comic as a whole.

The art in this book by Morgan Jeske is refreshing and dynamic, reminiscent of Chris Brunner’s work on Jason Latour’s Loose Ends.

I’m not going to begin to try to understand what the Hell is going on in Change. I need to read it a few more times before I can do that. Sonia’s agent tries to kill her while being watched from space by an alien. Among other things.

This book made my brain hurt. In a good way.

Change is the latest in a fine line of high-concept sci-fi tinged comics published by Image. Following on from Saga, Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Nowhere Men, this title is another one which is definitely worth a look if you like your comics intelligent, and devoid of tights and capes.

Issue #1 is out tomorrow.

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