With just over 2 weeks to go until Christmas, I’m sure many of you are starting/have started to think about what gifts you could get your loved ones over the festive season.

I don’t know about you, but I always like my gifts to have a meaning behind them…a message that defines your relationship with the recipient.

Of course, we are not all made of money, so this year, I have made it my mission to beat the budget blues and find gifts that are amazing, awesome and cool, but don’t break the bank, and make your wallet weep!

Touch Screen Gloves 

Source: Play.com
Source: Play.com

I featured these gloves in my Winter Warmers article. These gloves are an absolute must-have for all of you out there who have a touch screen anything…who wants to freeze their fingers to death just to send a text?


These gloves aren’t just a present; they’re an investment.  Play.com offer a wide variety of colours, and prices, so there’s a pair to suit everyone!

Novelty Dressing Gowns

Source: Menkind
Source: Menkind

Menkind have got a great selection of dressing gowns at the moment. There is a dressing gown to suit everyone’s taste, and, I have it on good authority from one of my friends that these character “gowns” go down a treat as a present. These are a perfect gift for the dad who dreams of being Superman…the brother who wants to be a Jedi, or even the boyfriend who channels Captain Kirk! These dressing gowns are on the pricier side, ranging from between about £40 – £50, but I have no doubt that you will get extra Christmas points for having one of these hidden under the tree!

Graphic Print T-Shirts

Source: TruffleShuffle
Source: TruffleShuffle

If you know the tastes of whom you are buying for, then clothing is a great option as a Christmas gift. The high street (and internet) are full of options that cater to tastes in music,. gaming, film, television…the list is literally endless!! And, as you know, I think clothing is a great way to express yourself! And graphic print t-shirts can be worn all year round. The Pac-man shirt above is particularly good because it’s understated, and plays homage to a famous photograph in a really cute way!

Source: TruffleShuffle
Source: TruffleShuffle

This Star Wars print t-shirt is also one of my favourites!

I mean…what’s not to love about partying Storm Troopers??

TruffleShuffle have a great selection of t shirts, but prices var quite a bit, so go check out the site for more details!)

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are an ideal gift for those in your life who are still at school/college/university. They are practical, but, like the t-shirts, are perfect for self-expression (particularly if you have to wear a uniform.) I found this one on Menkind. I think the print is great, and at £29.99, it’s a pretty bargainous find.

Source: Menkind
Source: Menkind

This one I found on Amazon…a much more subtle design, but just as awesome! It’s sold for £16.99, so perfect for those after a less expensive, but amazing cool gift!

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


Here come the big guns…I’ve saved my favourite picks until last! I saw these when I was shopping at the weekend, and I nearly squeaked with joy!!

Source: Menkind
Source: Menkind

Isn’t it just amazing…and pretty darn cute?!

I really like this gift, because it is pretty much perfect for any Star Wars fan. On the Menkind it states that R2 is suitable for anyone aged 3+, so you could get this for your son/nephew/brother/best friend/boyfriend/dad/grandad….anyone!! Of course, such a cool gift comes with a pretty hefty price tag (£44.99 on Menkind), but will definitely provide hours and hours of joy!

These are just my top 5 Geeky Christmas Gift picks for this year…the options are of course endless, with ideas to suit every geek in your life….

….It all depends who’s been on your Nice List this year!

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Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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