It is my pleasure to bring you this weeks’ ‘Wednesday Watchlist’.

Every week, Mark, Stephen and I have a metaphorical ‘roundtable’ and discuss which comics are worth your hard earned cash.


Revival Vol. 1: You’re Among Friends TP by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

I know I’m breaking the mold here but it would be some sort of crime not to mention the fantastic Revival. The Graphic Novel collects the first 5 issues and a short story from Free Comic Book Day of the ground breaking ‘Rural Noir‘ story written by NYT Bestselling Author Tom Seeley with Eisner winning artist Mike Norton. I was slightly behind the times with this series and picked up both issues one and two together, One the way home my wife wanted to stop at Homebase and I said I was staying in the car as I wanted to read Revival. Both issues were read before she got back. Set in Wisconsin, Office Dana Cypress has been tasked the job of dealing with the repercussions of the dead coming back to life for one day. Christmas is coming and if you need Christmas present ideas then this gets my full recommendation.

revival tpb
Revival TPB © Image Comics


The Massive #7 by Brian Wood, Garry Brown and Dave Stewart


Brian Wood’s The Massive has been one of the stand-out titles in a stand-out year for comic books. Issue #7 is the start of a new story arc so is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. The environmental action group Ninth Wave come across a community living on oil platforms and trying to create a new utopia. Will their dreams survive in the shambolic world left behind after the environmental disaster known as The Crash? And what will the discovery of this “country” mean for Callum Israel and his crew? The preview pages look gorgeous and this promises to be another great episode in this brilliant comic.

The Massive #7 © Dark Horse


Archer & Armstrong #5 by Fred van Lente, Emanuela Lupacchino, Guillermo Ortego and Matt Milla



Archer & Armstrong #5, published by Valiant Entertainment, is the start of a brand new arc, written by Fred Van Lente (The Silencers, Action Philosophers) , with artwork by Emanuela Lupacchino, Guillermo Ortego and Matt Milla (X-Factor). This book so far has been packed full of comedy; the chemistry between the two protagonists is magnetic and the action is incredible. For those not in the know, it’s a take upon the classic ‘buddy’ comedy. This month, the Eternal Warrior returns, a veteran of a 1000 battlefields, a force of nature, capable of unbelievable feats and he’s set his sights on Archer – can his brother, Armstrong stop him?

Archer and Armstrong #5 © Valiant Comics
Archer&Armstrong #5 © Valiant Comics

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