Rebekah Delgado © audiorokit
Rebekah Delgado © audiorokit

Rebekah had told me to meet her in a quiet bar in central London, which is a tautology if I ever heard one. Nevertheless, Miss Delgado is a woman of her word, and I found myself alone in the back room of a Medina-themed bar and restaurant, my head filled with the ethereal scent of wafting incense. And as is the case with all rockstars worth their salt, Rebekah was late, partly due to the fact that I had gone to the wrong Medina-themed bar… I never banked on there being two on the same street.

Geeks Unleashed: Your debut album is called Don’t Sleep. I have to ask, have you slept recently?

Rebekah Delgado: Yes, I’ve got sleeping tablets at the moment, having managed to talk a new doctor into giving them to me. It is normally huge trouble, but yeah at the moment I’m sleeping. Well, it is more like anaesthetising but there you go! Saying that, I hate it and I’d like to solve it one day. Well, get famous first and then solve it.

GU: Let’s move onto the music. Your songs sound like they might be semi-autobiographical. Is this the case?

RD: Well… some of it is autobiographical, obviously I’m not going to say which bits. Basically, some bits are me and some aren’t, with the non-me bits being based on other people. Then again, some of it is my imagination going off a-wandering. So yeah, it’s a few different things!

GU: How about Little Boy Blue?

RD: Boy Blue… um yeah, that one again was a mixture of real and not real. A mixture of the nursery rhyme and a story, and then taking it on a kind of dark journey. I really wanted that song to be dark. I am a lay Catholic you know, and I like the kind of things that go through your head when you’re a little Catholic girl. My Mum is Spanish, so I went to a Catholic school until I was about 8 or 9. Or, a better way to put it, it was very very very dogmatic, so it’s definitely affected me.

GU: Affected you badly?

RD: Oh I’m a happy lay Catholic. Happy to be so until I die! Obviously it’s an awfully corrupt religion, but lay Catholics are quite interesting, so there is that thing in my music.

GU: Rebekah Delgado, lapsed Catholic?

RD: *Laughs* Yeah maybe! Rebekah Delgado, sinner and saint!

GU: Are there any other songs on the album that are revealing or have a good story behind them?

Well Vampires is imagining looking back on your death bed.

GU: Have you had a near death experience?

RD: No, I haven’t had one … Actually, I lie, I did have one. When I was 9 there was black ice on the road and the car spun and we hit some other cars.

GU: Nasty. So, why Vampires?

RD: It’s a lovely song, talking about the old days of history mixed with comparing the sadness of vampires with the sadness in me. Imagine being a vampire and seeing everything changing but yourself, and you are seeing it all and your not flying with it. So you become a stranger in the time you are in.

GU: I was surprised by you if I’m honest. I was told to cover yet another singer songwriter, but when I saw the cover of your album I thought, ‘woh, this girl is different.’ Tell me about the design. It is very parallel, very lateral and that is what appealed to me. I think very laterally as well, I sure don’t like straight and narrow! No pretence at all!

Don't Sleep album cover © Rebekah Delgado
Don’t Sleep album cover © Rebekah Delgado

GU: Do you have a method when writing songs?

I don’t have a method. Some songs come really easily, and some just write themselves. And some are like the wind, you have to catch it, you have to run with it, and some times you fight with it.

GU: All things considered then, was the album a quick process?

RD: No, it was laborious. I had to edit it all in a bedroom, so it was all begging bits of time when I could. I really want to go into a studio next time. It took a year and a half for goodness sake! Obviously it was composed really quickly, it was just the actual recording process because  I was begging favours from someone… It was the process that was escaping me, not the writing

GU: Why music?

RD: When I was 16 I went on stage in a school cabaret, and I got the best feeling I had ever had in my life. It was the one time I felt that it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Originally, I wanted to be an actress, but it transpires I am a shit actress. Nevertheless, I like being on stage, so I basically went along the sadomasochistic route that is music.

GU: Finally, tell me something interesting that your fans may not know about. Do you have six toes, for example?

RD: I’ll think on that and come back to you!

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