It is my pleasure to bring you this weeks’ ‘Wednesday Watchlist’.

Every week, Jo, Stephen and I have a metaphorical ‘roundtable’ and discuss which comics are worth your hard earned cash.

Mark – Harbinger #7:

Story by Joshua Dysart
Art by Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, & Khari Evans
Cover by Mico Suayan & Emanuela Lupacchino

Price: $3.99

If you’ve checked out the solicits for this week you’d have noticed we’re in for an expensive week and even I’m massively torn over where my funds will be going but Valiant have pretty much got my money marked every week. This book has Project Rising Spirit in the first couple of pages which are a big part of the story line in Bloodshot and in case you missed the news – both titles are heading for the companies for major crossover in the Harbinger Wars. The story concentrates on the introduction of Charlene Dupre who Peter has marked for his Renegades. This book feels like the Ultimate Version of the X-Men but just without the crap. Make sure this book is on your pulllist tomorrow – you know it makes sense.

© Valiant Comics

Stephen – The Black Beetle: Night Shift #0:

Writer: Francesco Francavilla
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Price: $2.99

I’d seriously consider buying a Russian telephone directory if it was illustrated by Francesco Francavilla. Fortunately he’s keeping himself very busy at the moment with his ongoing noir-tinged collections for Dark Horse. As previewed here yesterday The Black Beetle: Night Shift #0, collects a three-part story originally contained in Dark Horse Presents. It’s written and drawn by Francavilla and it promises to be a rewarding read.

the black beetle cvr
© Dark Horse

Jo – Hawkeye #6

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by David Aja
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by David Aja

Price: $2.99

Hawkeye, one of Marvel’s best series in the last decade continues this week, written by Matt Fraction, with artwork by David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth, with our hero in need of a holiday after the events of ‘The Tape’. The composition of this book has been miraculous – I’d been impressed by the creative team’s 24 panel page in issue 3, and the creativity continues this week, with the preview pages reminiscent of David MAZZUCCHELLI, Chris Ware and of a classic side-scroller beat-em-up (e.g. the 1988 classic NES game Double Dragon II), which any child of the 70/80s will appreciate. BUY THIS NOW.

© Marvel

What will you be buying?

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