We did it everybody. We survived past the 21/12/12 (take that, Mayan prophecy!) Now we can focus again on the date that we know is completely inescapable….Christmas!!!

There are now only 4 days to go until the big day, and I know that for some of us that will mean a mad rush to finish off our gift shopping. Last time, I covered Geeky Gifts for the Guys. Now, it’s time for the girls!


Source: Play
Source: Play

My first gift choice needs no introduction (I’ve talked about them so much!) These touchscreen gloves from Play.com are a great, feminine colour, and of course, an incredibly practical gift idea for those who have a device with a touchscreen. Play offer a range of colours of these little beauties, and at really reasonable prices: fashionable and functional….


And it’s not just your hands that need to keep warm in the Winter…

Source: ASOS
Source: ASOS

Cute-sy animal inspired hats have been popping up everywhere lately. This one from ASOS caught my eye because of its adorable gigantic pixel-looking eyes. A hat like this is definitely for those who like to make a statement, because you will get attention wearing it! There are so many hats out there like this that there will defintely be a design and colour to suit everyone. I’d opt for neutral tones where possible….neutrals can pretty much be paired with everything, and are flattering on everybody.


I know buying clothes for girls can be a bit scary, but t-shirts are a great option to consider. You only need to think about something the person you are buying for likes, and there will more than likely be a t-shirt out there that pays homage to it! I’m a big fan of TruffleShuffle; I think they have an amazing range of designs. Here are some really cool ones that I found.

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Source: TruffleShuffle
Source: TruffleShuffle

2) Batman

Source: TruffleShuffle
Source: TruffleShuffle

TruffleShuffle even has a children’s section, so if you are looking for a cool gift for a daughter/niece/sister/godchild, definitely give it a look. I found this really sweet one, with a print from one of my favourite childhood books.

Psst…here’s a tip…if you’re not sure what size to buy, go for one that is larger. You can either wear a larger t- shirt oversized, layer underneath it, or clinch it in at the back or sides to make it smaller!!


I actually only discovered this yesterday, but knew, knew, KNEW it had to be on my gift guide. I would be SO thrilled if I got this as a Christmas gift!

Source; John Lewis
Source; John Lewis

This mini collection of Skyfall OPI nail polishes are beautiful. I really love the colours they have chosen. The gold and red colours are perfect for the festive season. And because the polishes are subtle colours, they will suit everybody, young and old! The set is on sale for £12.95 from John Lewis, and considering you get 4 beautiful polishes in the set, I think you’re on to a winner with this set.

If you know somebody who loves a bit of pampering, then I completely recommend turning to Lush. I am a huge fan of their products, and they are abolutely perfect if you are a bath Geek like me!

Source: Lush
Source: Lush

This set I found is so cool, and something I’d never seen before (look at the packaging – wow!) All the products look amazing, and are guaranteed to leave you feeling (and smelling) AMAZING!! It’s on sale for £40.95, so a luxurious gift, but definitely worth it. There are also sets that are less/more expensive, depending on your budget. Lush gifts are always wrapped so prettily too! I recently received one, and I didn’t want to open it; it was so beautiful. Ooooo….I’m getting a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at this set!


The one time popular gift with your grandma is now back!

David and Goliath pyjamas make me smile. The brand has so many cute designs on their clothing, but if you are a bit scared of getting a choice right when it comes to clothes, go for pyjamas or loungewear. All of their pyjama sets come in under the £30 mark too! I’ve picked out a few of my favouites.

I couldn’t help myself!

Source: David & Goliath
Source: Chicks Rule (David & Goliath)
Source: Chicks Rule (David & Goliath)
Souce: Chicks Rule (David & Goliath)

Happy Shopping Everybody!

Comment below to share your shopping success stories.

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