Amazing Spider-Man #700 © Marvel Comics

Writer – Dan Slott, JM DeMatteis, Jen Van Meter

Artist – Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncol, and Stephanie Buscema


Nothing is forever.

The final issue of perhaps the most iconic of comic books, Amazing Spider-Man, by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos wins ‘Comic of the Week’ by default due to the Holidays and therefore reduced shipping.

The issue itself is somewhat of a damp squib, and whilst no-one is better than Marvel at fond farewells, the issue lacks the necessary tension and gravitas.

In Amazing Spider-Man #700 Slott has written Peter Parker’s eulogy. Undoubtedly, he loved the character, however, it isn’t the magnum opus he or I wanted, or the character deserved.

Whilst Otto Octavius bests his nemesis, Peter Parker, his character arc over the course of the issue is largely unbelievable, blame for which lies at the feet of Slott. It’s poorly conceived, written and feels rushed.

Furthermore the issue does nothing to entice the reader to Marvel NOW!’s Superior Spider-Man next month – unless you’re interested in Doc Ock running round in a Spider-Man costume.

Ramos’ art, however, is a revelation during the action sequences; the kinetic energy of his panels is beyond belief. Despite the extended page number, the quality doesn’t suffer. This is perhaps the best issue of his run.

The less said about the back-up stories, the better – solely there to justify the inflated cover price, which was also beyond belief.

An ill-fitting end to a 50 year story.

And so Peter Parker’s reign as the Amazing Spider-Man ends not with a bang but with a whimper.

But remember, nothing is forever.

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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  1. I agree, this felt really rushed and forced. I didn’t even feel moved one way or the other because I found my self unable to care about anything that was happening. I’ll respectfully disagree on the art, for much the same reasons as above: felt rushed. As for those back-up stories… Good grief, lol.

    I did dig the collaged front cover though. I guess that’s something.

    1. I felt they picked a good week to release this book, very little in the way of competition so that’s what’s made it the standout this week.

      I felt disappointed mainly by Doc Ocks sudden decision to become a good guy and the memories overwhelming him.

      Years ago I had to drop all of my comics due to wedding/marriage/baby and Spider-Man had flown by almost 100 issues in that time and there was no way I was getting back issues so when I heard this was getting the Marvel Now treatment I was excited as it was a way back in but this isn’t what I was looking for. I want to read Peter Parker Spider-Man and not Doc Ock as Spider-Man.
      99% of the issue I enjoyed except for these two disappointments.

      1. I’m sure your needs will be catered for in the near future Mark – a Marvel Universe without Peter Parker seems unlikely. Surely his consciousness is still inside the gold Octobot? Unless they have his essence warring with Doc Ock’s inside Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s body?

    2. Dev I feel you’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’ – it was difficult to care because the outcome felt evitable. I agree entirely regards the cover – one of the best of the year!

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