We’ve already brought you the Top Ten Television Shows and Games of 2012, now Comics get their turn. Stephen, Jo and I have debated the top twenty comics of 2012 for the past few weeks and what follows is the first for four bite sized chunks for you to get your teeth into.

20. Avengers Vs. X-Men

Even I was skeptical of such a title as it was Bendis driven. The man can write amazing books – Daredevil, Avengers, Powers, you name it but his event books have never sat quite well with me. But Bendis was joined by the combined writing team of Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jonathon Hickman and unfortunately Jeph Loeb. All I can image is the rest of them kept the heroes out the Savage Land and away from Loeb’s awful writing and managed to pull off one of the best event books I’ve read in many, many years. Every issue something happened. I had to take my hat of the creative team, they managed an event book which kept me coming back in terms of action and story development.This title will be remembered for the death of Charles Xavier and the Mutant gene returning as well as Cyclops going off the deep end. The trade is due out in March and if you missed this give it a go. (MB)

Avengers Vs X-Men #11 Cover - © Marvel Comics
Avengers Vs X-Men #11 Cover – © Marvel Comics

19. Fatale

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Ed Brubaker’s writing. I recommend his comic books to anyone who stops long enough for me to get a chance. His partnership with Sean Phillips has produced some of the best comics of the last ten years. With Fatale Brubaker has taken the crime noir elements of Criminal and the supernatural elements of Sleeper and created a fascinating blend which makes for a rewarding experience each month. Phillips art on Fatale is superb as usual; his visualisation of Brubaker’s characters is distinctive and beautiful to look at. With Fatale Brubaker and Phillips have an ongoing comic book which looks like it could go on for years. This would suit me just fine. (SH)

Fatale #8 Copyright 2012 Brubaker & Phillips
Fatale #8 © 2012 Brubaker & Phillips

18. Revival

Described as a “Rural Noir” this title tells the tale of a town in quarantine, for one day all of the people who died that day returned to life. The first five issues of this comic hit stores this month as volume one of a trade paperback and this is what I had to say about it on a recent Wednesday Watchlist:
“The Graphic Novel collects the first 5 issues and a short story from Free Comic Book Day of the ground breaking ‘Rural Noir‘ story written by NYT Bestselling Author Tom Seeley with Eisner winning artist Mike Norton. I was slightly behind the times with this series and picked up both issues one and two together, One the way home my wife wanted to stop at Homebase and I said I was staying in the car as I wanted to read Revival. Both issues were read before she got back. Set in Wisconsin, Office Dana Cypress has been tasked the job of dealing with the repercussions of the dead coming back to life for one day. Christmas is coming and if you need Christmas present ideas then this gets my full recommendation.” (MB)

Revival TPB © Image Comics
Revival TPB © Image Comics

17. Archer and Armstrong

Valiant’s very own dynamic duo have been one of their highlights since their return earlier this year. So far, this booked has been packed full of comedy, a take on the classic ‘buddy’ movie – think 48 Hours with Nick Notle and Eddie Murphy. And since the arrival of Emanuela Lupacchino, Guillermo Ortego and Matt Milla (X-Factor) the book has gone from strength to strength. Van Lente’s comic timing also shines. (JL)

Archer and Armstrong #1 © Valiant Comics
Archer and Armstrong #1 © Valiant Comics

16. The Punisher

The latest on-going Punisher comic from Marvel has recently ended. Launched in 2011 it has been one of the best comics from the big two publishers this year, so to see it come to an abrupt end was very disappointing. Rucka writing the Punisher was a perfect fit. As a character that is oft misunderstood by both writer and reader, Rucka really nailed the complex characteristics of Frank Castle. The art on this comic book by Marco Chechetto and Matt Hollingsworth was absolutely stunning and really complemented Rucka’s intense, violent story. For a comic book featuring a protagonist of few words The Punisher gave me more reading pleasure than most comics on the shelves in 2012. (SH)

Punisher #13 © Marvel Comics
Punisher #13 © Marvel Comics

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