Continuing from yesterdays first installment of the Top Twenty Comics of 2012, we’ve got the second part for you:

15. The Creep

An engaging mystery, with a classic noir protagonist, I was originally attracted to this series by the wonderful Frank Miller negative cover. However Arcudi’s tale of Oxel, his condition, his past and his current case is poignant and painful, with a sensitivity often lacking in mainstream comics. Jonathan Case’s art is stunning – his contrasting styles are mightily impressive and I hope to see more from this creative team in the near future. In the meantime, I’m going to check out Green River Killer and Dear Creature. (JL)

The Creep #1 © Dark Horse Comics
The Creep #1 © Dark Horse Comics

14. Harbinger

Writer Joshua Dysart and artist Khari Evans have done an amazing job bringing Harbinger from the 90’s to 21st Century. This title makes me think how the Ultimate version of the X-Men should have gone, the powers belonging to the heroes and villains in this book are already inside them similar to being a mutant. morally The corrupt Toyo Harada could easily be Magneto, who runs the evil Harbinger Foundation. Peter Stanchek is the star of the book and could easily be a young Cyclops, seven issue into the run and we’ve seen Peter grow greatly as a character. Out of Valiant’s five titles on offer this is easily the best of the bunch. (MB)

Harbinger #7 © Valiant Comics
Harbinger #7 © Valiant Comics

13. Prophet

Prophet was brought back in 2012 by Image Comics. However this re-launch which started in January with issue 21 is so different from the original Rob Leifeld creation that it seems almost like a different beast altogether. Written by Brandon Graham, whose work on King City and Multiple Warheads is widely respected and loved by more discerning comic book fans, this series sees John Prophet awaken from a generations long cryo-sleep and find his way in an alien city. Prophet is a man out of time and Graham is having all kinds of fun with the sci-fi elements he has brought to this book. The artwork by Simon Roy is brilliant. His style is perfectly suited to the story and he has a great ability to bring the craziest ideas of Graham on to the page. Find the back issues if you haven’t been reading this because you will not be disappointed. (SH)

Prophet #30 © Image Comics
Prophet #30 © Image Comics

12. Harvest

In my opinion this could easily win best mini series of 2012. Hands down this comic literally kicked arse in terms of artwork and storytelling.  A.J. Lieberman and Colin Lorimer’s Harvest #1 made my comic of the week back in August which portrays the (world of illegal organ harvesting. If you have any friends out there that say comics are just for kids give them this to read and sit back. This is the kind of story I could quite easily have envisioned in a realworld Batman story. If you’ve not picked this up yet track down the back issues. (MB)

Harvest #1 © Image Comics
Harvest #1 © Image Comics

11. Before Watchmen Minutemen

Oh Darwyn Cooke, if it wasn’t for you I’d have happily passed on Before Watchmen. However, your ability to ‘spin a yarn’ (wrapped in delightful ‘Golden Age’ artwork) captured my imagination and allowed me to follow you on a sacrilegious journey. He’s not only understood the original (something which has seemed beyond the likes of JMS) but with great ingenuity built upon and around it. It’s one hell of a tale, whose conclusion is right around the corner. (JL)

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 © DC Comics
Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 © DC Comics

Come back tomorrow for the third part in Geeks Unleashed’s Top Twenty Comics of 2012. 

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