Continuing from yesterdays second installment of the Top Twenty Comics of 2012, we’ve got the third part for you:

10. Think Tank

Science, in comics, is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance what with the excellent The Manhattan Projects and now Think Tank, the cover of which warns reader’s it’ll make them smarter. Dr. David Loren, maths whizz and indirect mass murderer, is almost unlikable, however, remains sympathetic, whilst devious and is one of Top Cow/Image’s best new characters. Momentum has built nicely throughout the series and is now a must for the comic fan. I’m hopeful that the series is a soapbox for Hawkins – a commentary on the ills of science and the military-industrial-government complex. Ekedal’s art amazes and excitingly, the series has been expanded to run for at least 10 issues! (JL)

Think Tank #2 © Top Cow

9. Punk Rock Jesus

Punk Rock Jesus, by Sean Gordon Murphy, should have won our ‘Comic of the Week’ accolade more. The fact it didn’t displays what a strong year it’s been for comics. It’s inclusion in the Top 10 is more than justified. Punk Rock Jesus takes place in a not too distant, but all too recognisable future. Reality television has reached it’s twisted, (un)natural apogee in J2, a program featuring the first human clone, created using the DNA of Jesus Christ, taken from the Shroud of Turin. It eschews triteness, unlike America’s Got Powers. A modernist revisionism of the Book of Revelations. Murphy, you have a new discipline.  (JL)

Punk Rock © DC Comics
Punk Rock © DC Comics

8. The Manhattan Projects

Jonathan Hickman has fictionalised and re-imagined (an intelligent What If? if you will) The Manhattan Project (a research a development programme by the US, UK and Canda that produced the atomic bomb during World War II) with pseudo-science and created the strongest opening arc since Y: The Last Man. Such was its strength I immediately ran out and bought The Red Wing (Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s previous collaboration). Incredibly inventive with the potential to be epic. For lovers of history, science fiction and comics in general – this is another title for your monthly ‘pull list’. And if you are like me, it’ll be atop your stack every month. (JL)

The Manhattan Projects #7 © Image Comics
The Manhattan Projects #7 © Image Comics

7. Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is the television series that’s not a television series, initially Jim McCann had this comic planned as a television series but the long and the short of it is that this has been translated into a comic which McCann describes as a mix between “The X-Files” and “Twin Peaks,” strangely enough this reads like it should be a television series. The Series revolves around Elle who is attacked in a subway and now lies in a hospital coma. While her body is lying in a hospital bed, her spirit has the ability to jump into other peoples bodies who are also in comas. Whilst all of this is going on the mystery of who attacked Elle is unraveling around her family and friends. With each issue the mystery takes another turn with questions piling up. Despite the growing mystery this remains on the most intriguing and compelling books on the stands. Jim McCann with art by Rodin Esquejo have created a fantastic mystery complimented with stunning art work. The first trade paperback has recently hit stores, I couldn’t recommend this enough – pick it up! (MB)

mind the gap #4
Mind The Gap #4 © Image Comics

6. Mind MGMT

Strewn with fake ads, information packets, and back-up stories Mind MGMT is a reading experience unlike any other. Think the first seasons of Lost, as if written in collaboration by Philip K Dick and Agatha Christie. Mind MGMT #5 was my issue of the year. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE TRADE – scour the land for the issues and no matter the cost or effort you shall be rewarded with one of the finest in print comics today, and certainly not disappointed. Creator Matt Kindt himself stated that this series was designed was designed as a monthly. It’s the first monthly series that he’s done (although he’s now taken over from Jeff Lemire on Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #10 onwards) and it’s utterly unique. I treasure this as I do George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and Alan Moore’s Watchmen and V for Vendetta. (JL)

Mind MGMT #5
Mind MGMT #5 © Dark Horse

Come back tomorrow for the final part in Geeks Unleashed’s Top Twenty Comics of 2012. 

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