I’ve known Victoria for only a short space of time.  But her style and demeanor have always been an inspiration to me.  She has a wicked fashion sense and her Cosplay is really great and somehow effortlessly accurate.  Her YouTube channel explores her passion for collections, particularly in the realms of Comic Book characters and film characters in the form of Figures and Hot Toys.  So, here is my interview with her, hopefully she’ll inspire you, as she has me.

wonder wo

Geeks Unleashed: Your YouTube channel is awesome. Tell us a bit about your collection.

Victoria Osborne: Firstly, thank you! I collect many different things, I review blu ray steelbooks and figures mostly. I’m a huge movie buff. My Hot Toys figures consist of Marvel and DC superheroes, Leonidas from 300 and a Martian soldier from Mars Attacks! Other things I don’t review but have always been collecting include Pokemon merchandise, My Little Pony (first and third generation) and general cute stuff like Hello Kitty and Tokidoki.

rogueGeeks Unleashed: Where did your passion for HotToys etc. stem from?

Victoria Osborne: I have always loved to collect, it started with Playmobil and Lego when I was little and just stems from my love of having a ‘complete’ set of things. If I had a Playmobil hospital set, I needed the Ambulance to go with it, then the helicopter ambulance just to give my imagination that added extra when I played with my toys.
I love the detail and effort that goes into making a Hot Toys figure. I enjoy having a little piece of every bit of my interests around my room.

Geeks Unleashed: Have you been a geekette for long?

Victoria Osborne: Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a fascination for Sci-Fi and fantasy. Growing up my favourite shows were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Farscape. I had costumes even then, including a little Superman outfit which I begged my parents for even though it had boys sizes on the label.  I got a PlayStation for Xmas when I was nine and that began my passion for gaming!

Geeks Unleashed: Tell us about your tattoos? They are badass.

Victoria Osborne: Tattoos can mean anything to anyone, but like my collections in my room, I like to collect designs of my favorite things on myself ! I had my favorite My Little Pony characters done of Fizzy and Galaxy who are first generation and Starcatcher who is a third generation pony. My Toy Story half sleeve is self explanatory, who doesn’t love Woody and Buzz? I love toys, I love Toy Story. Then I moved onto my Marvel pieces. Getting a Punisher skull behind my ear, the Cap shield on my elbow and my Iron Man pieces are all homage to my favorite heroes!

Geeks Unleashed: You have wicked geek style, tell us where you get your inspiration from.

Victoria Osbourne: I like to call it geek chic! My inspiration is once again from all of my favourite things, but mixed together. I always like to have a bit of my personality in every outfit. Even if it’s something formal, I would dress it up by wearing my Lord of the Rings necklace. Most of my casual wear is just me, throwing on a gaming or movie related tee.

captain amer

Geeks Unleashed: I love your tees. You wear the most awesome Marvel stuff, can you recommend any places to purchase these?

Victoria Osborne: Most of my Marvel tees are from really simple places like HMV or Play.com
If I’m wanting something a bit more special I check out places with more custom designs like Redbubble.

Geeks Unleashed: Talk us through your cosplay. I’m thinking about Rogue etc. I think it’s really well done.

Victoria Osborne: My Rogue cosplay is a funny story, I initially just wanted a Rogue outfit because she is my favorite X-Men character and I wanted to own an outfit to be there for any impending conventions etc. A friend of mine ended up having an X-Men themed Halloween party so I just had to go all out. The bodysuit itself was custom made for me by a lovely company called Arena Costumes. I spent days trawling the internet for the perfect brown jacket and yellow boots but it still wasn’t complete! I had to commit 100% to the costume and bleach my hair to match Rogue’s even though it had been black for over ten years. Nightmare, but worth it.

Geeks Unleashed: Have you got any good gamer apparel websites to recommend?

Victoria Osborne: If you are wanting a great gaming related tee, the best places to stop off at are the actual gaming company stores themselves. All my Mass Effect tees are from the official Bioware store. Always check Qwertee,com for that added geek mix as well.

Geeks Unleashed: What’s your favorite cult movie?

Victoria Osborne: American Psycho!

Geeks Unleashed: Ever taken fashion inspiration from movie characters?

Victoria Osborne: A lot of the time I watch movies and love characters outfits but wouldn’t think they would translate very well in day to day fashion but I always like to pick up on little things. Even if it’s wearing a Black Sabbath tee that Tony Stark wore just so I could hope to look as cool as he does!

Geeks Unleashed: Any final words?

Victoria Osborne: Some people would find collecting figures a pointless hobby but there is something for everyone in the collecting world. Whether it be movies, gaming, real life icons. I have a great passion for all these things and I just like to translate it into more aspects of my life and would like for people to enjoy that too.

Find Victoria’s Vlog here.

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