Aspen Comics have announced that Joe Benitez and Aspen have amicably separated and that the Steampunk series Lady Mechanika will no longer be published at Aspen Comics.

Joe Benitez is the creator of Lady Mechanika taking up both writing and illustrating duties, issue #0 debuted in October 2010 and issues #1 to #3 have had long delays between issues.

lady m
Lady Mechanika © Joe Benitez / Aspen Comics

Peter Steigerwald had this to say about the separation; “We [Aspen] have greatly appreciated Joe’s time here with us and his involvement and promotion of Aspen Comics over the years. Joe and I have discussed his future plans and his desire to venture out on his own. As many know, ten years ago our Founder, Michael Turner, took a similar position and stepped away from his publisher, taking full publishing control of his own creations by founding Aspen Comics. We wish Joe well, and hope for a bright future for him and his creations, including Lady Mechanika. This has been a friendly separation and I plan on continuing to be there for him as colorist and collaborator as he wraps up his Lady Mechanika series. Aspen will be happy to provide any support he needs as he steps out on his own. I’ve been personal friends with Joe for nearly 20 years and I know this has long been a hope for him—to be able to found his own home for his creative visions.”

Joe plans to wrap up Lady Mechanika and then launch it as an ongoing series.  

Stay tuned to Geeks Unleashed for more information as it becomes available.

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