The Darkness 109 cvrReturned/Resisted/Recommended/Required


The Top Cow universe is reborn and whilst a wonder for the reader, its inhabitants are suffering. The latest issue of The Darkness builds tension before what will be a dramatic conclusion to David Hine and Jeremy Haun’s second arc, ‘Breaking Dark’.

Hine is an accomplished storyteller, however with his run on The Darkness, along with Haun, whose pencils are a wonder, he has exceeded my high expectations. Long may they continue.

In order to save the world, Jackie Estacado destroyed it and then rebuilt it in his own image; saving his childhood sweetheart from her untimely end and establishing a new fairy tale existence with her and their child Hope. Unfortunately these actions caused ‘a shift in the arrangement of the Top Cow universe’ – there are now weaknesses in the barriers which guard the portals to this world.

And the ancient ones want in.

Furthermore, Jackie has become separated from The Darkness, who now exists as his ‘Doppelganger’. And he is creating an army – the purpose for which remains unknown. However, the timing for which couldn’t be worse given the emergence of Balakov, a powerful gangster with powers that rival the Darkness’.

This month the issue takes a side step from the action and re-introduces some of the good ol’fashioned horror we’ve come to expect of late from The Darkness. Hine moves his characters like chess pieces into position for the endgame next month.

The goings-on in this title were a bold creative move for a character who was introduced more than 15 years ago, particularly in an era of reboots by both DC and Marvel. The creative team and the publisher deserve recognition for this.

One of my favourite monthlies, which is why it’s classified as REQUIRED READING.

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