As we enter the New Year not only will Micheal Turner’s Fathom be celebrating 15 years, Aspen Comics will also be hitting the 10-year-old mark and as part of this celebration Aspen will be launching ten issue #1’s with each issue only being $1. The full list of titles and release dates are as follows:

Here’s the order as they’re listed below along with their corresponding launch month: Legend of the Shadow Clan (February), Shrugged (March), Jirni (April), Charismagic volume 2 (May), BubbleGun (June), The All New Fathom (July), Awaken Skies/Overtaken (August), Executive Assistant: Iris volume 4 (September), Trish Out of Water (October) and All New Soulfire (November).

Jam Poster Layout
Aspen “10 for 10” Jam Poster © Aspen Comics

To add the this celebration Aspen also be introducing several initiatives in store and online. Fans will be able to obtain special “Reserved Editions” by adding the “10 for 10” titles to their pulllist. Fans who purchase all ten of the “10 for 10” releases will be eligible to receive “Perfect Tens” poster and “Reserved Edition”.

Fans will able to vote online and in-store via ballot boxes for their own adventure for August’s “10 for 10”  between two all new series: Awaken Skies and Overtaken.

Stay tuned to Geeks Unleashed for more news as it comes.

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