IDOLIZED #5 Cover B Rachel Clark
IDOLIZED #5 Cover B Rachel Clark

This month Aspen Comics will release the final issue of the current volume of their first ever superhero series – Idolized but that doesn’t mean we’re in for a happy ending. The initial pitch by David was delivered to Aspen Comics after having worked on Fathom and Ember, part of the process in building this comic also involved an online voting for character appearances, a lot of work has gone into building this comic from inception to delivery. The preview issue #0  which came out back in the summer of 2012 and gave us a teaser of what to expect from issues #1-4. Idolized is the tale of Redemption and Revenge and takes reality television to the next level. Issue #4 ended leaving our protagonists, life in the balance – what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Geeks Unleashed: So with one issue left of the final chapter in the first volume of IDOLIZED, Joule’s looking like she’s in some hot water. With next issue being the last of this volume can we assume that no one is safe?

David Schwartz: You can definitely assume that. With Stasis aiming to upend all of the world’s largest corporate and governmental institutions, no one in the entire world is safe. And, yes, someone key to the series does definitely die in issue 5. But, that’s all I can tell you for now (he says, smirking wickedly…).

GU: You must be pretty satisfied bring Joule’s story full circle from the preview issue to the end of issue #4 which hinted at this ending, has it been hard going bring this story to the point you needed it to be?

DBS: It was actually all mapped out from the start. I tend to outline an entire story arc before I ever get started on scripting any of the individual issues, and so I had a fairly detailed path to get to where we are now.

What’s been hard has been getting it all to fit in to just 5 issues. It just wasn’t enough to tell the story I wanted to tell, and to give the characters the depth I wanted to provide. So, we came up with the idea of the extra content in the back of each issue in order to help flesh out the world of IDOLIZED, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to work on those. But, as we came down to these final two issues, I came to realize that I really needed more space to do the story justice, so issue 5 is going to be 32 pages instead of the standard 20. I wish we could’ve had even more space than that, but I think we’ve done a really solid job of creating an entire world, and telling an epic story, in just 5 issues.

GU: Although we know Joule will be facing off against Stasis will we be seeing a resolve to Joule’s character? Especially with her conflicting emotions of revenge and redemption?

DBS: Yes, there’s definitely a resolution there. We absolutely get to see a full arc with Joule. Now, whether or not she’s able to maintain her new-found equilibrium in Volume 2 is another story…

GU: With this being the final part of volume one, how is looking for volume two?

DBS: No definite start date yet (we’re all focused on Aspen’s big 10-for-10 initiative at the moment). But we’re all hoping to be able to continue the franchise long into the future. I’ve definitely got some ideas for what numerous future storylines would look like. Between the Top 10 contestants, the judges, the Protectors, and all of the other dozens of characters we’ve introduced in volume 1, there are an unlimited number of stories we could tell, and lots of opportunities for meaningful social commentary, humor, drama and emotion.

GU: If Idolized continues will it focus on the character of Joule or will this be a like a television show and next volume also be next season?

DBS: Let’s just say that those two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive concepts. It may just be both…

Preview Pages from Issue #5:

All Images © Aspen Comics. 
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