The holidays might be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Starting on the 6th, these twenty shows are returning, some for the last time ever, so get settled in front of your TV (or computer) and prepare for another great season of shows in 2013!

20.  Arrow

Even without the “Green”, this show has proven to be a huge success. I’m sure 2013 will bring even more action and archery for our billionaire-vigilante, Oliver Queen.

19. True Blood

Sure, this show has gone completely off the rails, but was anyone in it for the nuanced storytelling? It’s all about the vampire/fairy/werewolf sex! Anyone who says differently is lying to themselves.

18. Lost Girl

This show returns in a few days and I am on the edge of my seat. I need that succubus detective, her human companion and her lovers, a werewolf and a human doctor, back on my screen. Who wouldn’t? I mean, succubus detective!

17. Once Upon A Time

Everyone is free to leave Storybrooke! Will Rumpelstiltskin find his son? Will Hook be just as fabulous, and Cora just as deadly, in this land? And when will Mulan and Aurora hook up? Come on, who even remembers Prince Phillip?

16.  The Office

In just a few episodes, we’ll say goodbye to Dunder-Mifflin and all of its employees. After nine years of Dundies, bird funerals, weddings, babies, interventions, wrestling matches, and paper, lots of paper, I think I’ll miss Toby the most.

15.  Archer

Time to enter the danger zone; the world’s greatest secret spy is back! Timothy Olyphant will guest star. I do hope he likes ocelots.

14. Parks and Recreation

The good folks of Pawnee, Indiana will return in style. There will be a wedding! And young men dressed in Tom’s Brooks Brothers Boys collection! Stylish indeed.

13. The Vampire Diaries

Elena’s been sired, Stefan’s been crushed, and Damon’s training Jeremy, Vampire Slayer. Oh! And Klaus killed Tyler’s mom! I’m dying to see what happens next.

12. Mad Men

Who’s ready to see what everyone is up to at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? I’m sure somebody will be drunk, somebody will be tripping, and somebody will be having an affair. I can’t wait!

11. Skins

This year marks the end of Skins. This is sad. But, old characters are returning, and this is awesome.

10.  The Walking Dead

The second half of series three doesn’t air until February. I can’t wait that long!  What’s happening at Woodbury? And the Governor, will somebody kill the Governor? It shouldn’t be that hard, he’s only got the one eye.

9.  Game of Thrones

Series three will have a few extra minutes per episode. Obviously. How else are they going fit in all the dragons, and battles, and nudity, and Tyrion being a witty son of a Lannister?

8.  Louie

The first series of this award-winning comedy is finally coming to the UK. Louis C.K. takes self-deprecating humour to a new level as he chronicles the life of a struggling stand-up comedian, father, and newly single man whose attempts at dating are so disastrous that one woman takes off in a helicopter to escape him.

7.  Luther

After a long wait, we will get four “perfectly dark, chillingly-formed episodes.” Thank god. And, did you hear Alice may be getting her own spin-off? That’s a gift I didn’t know I always wanted.

6.  Homeland

The CIA is in ruins, everyone is dead, Saul’s in charge, and Carrie’s determined to clear Brody’s name. I could not be more excited to see what happens next.

5.  Fringe

How did Donald become September? How does this information help The Plan? What is The Plan? Only three hours left and I have so many questions!

4.  Arrested Development

The Bluths are back! No one seems to know when Netflix will air the thirteen episodes (all at once!) but everyone agrees it will be sometime this year. Everyone got their chicken dances ready?

3. Sherlock

The amount of reading I have done concerning the possible ways in which Sherlock jumped off that roof, appeared dead to Watson, and survived, is, well, a completely ridiculous amount. I need answers, I need series three!

2. Breaking Bad

Eight episodes! Eight episodes? I can’t deal with the end of this show. At least we know there will be plenty of drugs, money, and drama before we wave goodbye to Walter White, forever.

1. Doctor Who

2013 will mark fifty years of Doctor Who. Fifty freaking years. That is all.

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