Stephen, Jo and I put our heads together and pick out three books from the ever-growing number of titles hitting the comic stores and advise you where best to put your money.

Stephen – Change #2 by Alex Kot and Morgan Jeske:

We brought you an advanced look at the first issue of Image Comics new mini-series Change back in December. I was struck by the high-concept, ambitious writing in the first issue and that continues in issue #2 which is released this week. Issue #1 left me with more questions than answers and I didn’t really have much idea what was going on. Issue #2 looks set to keep the mystery going and the pages I have seen look absolutely bonkers. The art is superb as it was in the first issue and Change looks likely to be one of the best comics on the shelves for the next few months. I love it!

© Image Comics
© Image Comics

Jo – Point of Impact #4 by Jay Faerber and Koray Kuranel:

With issue 4, Point of Impact concludes. This miniseries ‘exploded out of the blocks’ with the dramatic death of a young woman and has subsequently followed the investigation of her murder through three people connected to her namely, her husband, an investigative reporter, her lover, an ex-soldier, and her friend, a homicide detective. Faerber understands the medium perfectly, and with Kuranel, he has captured the mystery flawlessly. I cannot wait for Wednesday and the dramatic finale, in which answers are promised, and the creators’ next project. These two are rising stars.

Point of Impact #4 © Image Comics
Point of Impact #4 © Image Comics

Mark – The Superior Spider-Man #1 by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve no doubt heard the news that Peter Parker is dead and it’s a bit of a twist because only the readers know he’s dead. Amazing Spider-Man #700 hits stores between Christmas and New Years, not only did the issue itself make headlines the story has been making headlines for months with leaked copies of ASM #700, previous issues thanks to torrents and shop owners not being able to keep it in their trousers and even writer Dan Slott receiving death threats. Peter Parker died whilst in the body of Doctor Octopus who vowed to carry on Spider-Mans legacy and as far as his friends and family know nothing has changed but as readers we know the truth. Truth be told I feel uncomfortable about picking this up and I’m weary this could be Clone Saga 2.0 but I’m curious to see if Dan Slott can make this an enjoyable read.

Superior Spider-Man #1 © Marvel Comics
Superior Spider-Man #1 © Marvel Comics

Will you be picking any of these up or do you have your eye on something else? Let us know!

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