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Building a Kids Playhouse

Since moving into our house five years ago we’ve been wanting to do some work in our garden, my wife and I see the garden as one of those parts of the house that isn’t urgent. There are normally more pressing areas of the house that need work doing to for either maintenance or because something gone wrong. Then there are of course – bills, the car and my wife’s hobby which is going on holiday. Obviously don’t complain about holidays but they keep her and the kids happy and give us good memories. 2015-05-03 13.46.21

However that doesn’t leave much room for the garden.
This year we promised ourselves that we would buy our two daughters a playhouse for he garden, we wanted it to be something that would fit in with our own tastes and so after much research we came across the “BillyOh – Junior Tower Playhouse – Budget – 4x6ft”. Now when they say budget it’s not exactly cheap and costs around £200 which to most families isn’t pocket-money so we have to put some cash away for it over a couple of months.

2015-05-03 13.46.30

Once we were ready we purchased it from Homebase who delivered it fairly quickly, no more than two weeks. The boxes they arrive in are quite big so you’ll have to consider how long it will be before it arrives that you will be able to assemble it.

2015-05-03 14.24.06

Now I read the reviews on Homebase’s website and the assembly time seems to range from 8 hours to over a week. Now I’m quite lucky that my father-in-law is a builder and knows what he’s doing. He managed to assemble playhouse with on the odd issue in three hours. So this is something you should think about, the instructions do recommend two people and he pretty much did it on his own except when I had to hold a piece or two whilst he screwed it in. So I did my normal duty of looking after my little girls whilst we all watched it being assembled in front of us but for someone without a builder in the family I would be prepared to start this pretty early on a Saturday to give yourself the weekend – just in case.

2015-05-03 16.20.56

There were some comments on Homebase’s site about wood splitting which is true that the off piece did split which is disappointing but overall we’re all really pleased with the outcome. The playhouse feels nice a sturdy and the kids love playing in it. Just remember on thinner pieces of wood to go carefully to avoid splitting.

Our plan for the playhouse is to relocate it at the other end of the garden, we have just bought ourselves a summerhouse but need to get the slabs and once they’re laid we will then relocate then and put up our summerhouse.

2015-05-03 18.55.32
Our kids are really enjoying the playhouse, I would say our youngest (who is almost two) enjoys it more but think once she is older our oldest will have someone to play in there with and we’ll probably never see them.

Please let me know in the comments if you have one and your kids are enjoying it or if you’re considering purchasing one and have any questions.



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