PREVIEW: Invincible #99

Invincible #99, written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley and John Rauch, is published by Image Comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. And we’re delighted to bring you a six page preview.

‘The Death of Everyone’ continues with Invincible versus Dinosaurus – could this be the end of Mark Grayson?

PREVIEW: Prophet #32

Prophet #32, written and drawn by Simon Roy, is published by Image Comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. And having made it into our Top 20 Comics of 2012, we are delighted to bring you a six page preview of the latest issue.

John Ka, Earth Empire scout, has found little to no trace of mankind since her pod landed, however her discoveries this month leave her questioning what it is to be human.

Aspen Parts Ways with Joe Benitez and Lady Mechanika

Aspen Comics have announced that Joe Benitez and Aspen have amicably separated and that the Steampunk series Lady Mechanika will no longer be published at Aspen Comics.

Joe Benitez is the creator of Lady Mechanika taking up both writing and illustrating duties, issue #0 debuted in October 2010 and issues #1 to #3 have had long delays between issues.

lady m
Lady Mechanika © Joe Benitez / Aspen Comics

Peter Steigerwald had this to say about the separation; “We [Aspen] have greatly appreciated Joe’s time here with us and his involvement and promotion of Aspen Comics over the years. Joe and I have discussed his future plans and his desire to venture out on his own. As many know, ten years ago our Founder, Michael Turner, took a similar position and stepped away from his publisher, taking full publishing control of his own creations by founding Aspen Comics. We wish Joe well, and hope for a bright future for him and his creations, including Lady Mechanika. This has been a friendly separation and I plan on continuing to be there for him as colorist and collaborator as he wraps up his Lady Mechanika series. Aspen will be happy to provide any support he needs as he steps out on his own. I’ve been personal friends with Joe for nearly 20 years and I know this has long been a hope for him—to be able to found his own home for his creative visions.”

Joe plans to wrap up Lady Mechanika and then launch it as an ongoing series.  

Stay tuned to Geeks Unleashed for more information as it becomes available.

PREVIEW: The Manhattan Projects #8

The Manhattan Projects #8, written by Jonathan Hickman with artwork by Nick Pitarra, is published by Image Comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. And having made it into our Top 20 Comics of 2012, we are delighted to bring you a six page preview of the latest issue.

The old money, which run nations, is ready to make their move against the Manhattan Projects.

REVIEW: The Darkness #109

The Darkness 109 cvrReturned/Resisted/Recommended/Required


The Top Cow universe is reborn and whilst a wonder for the reader, its inhabitants are suffering. The latest issue of The Darkness builds tension before what will be a dramatic conclusion to David Hine and Jeremy Haun’s second arc, ‘Breaking Dark’.

Hine is an accomplished storyteller, however with his run on The Darkness, along with Haun, whose pencils are a wonder, he has exceeded my high expectations. Long may they continue.

In order to save the world, Jackie Estacado destroyed it and then rebuilt it in his own image; saving his childhood sweetheart from her untimely end and establishing a new fairy tale existence with her and their child Hope. Unfortunately these actions caused ‘a shift in the arrangement of the Top Cow universe’ – there are now weaknesses in the barriers which guard the portals to this world.

And the ancient ones want in.

Furthermore, Jackie has become separated from The Darkness, who now exists as his ‘Doppelganger’. And he is creating an army – the purpose for which remains unknown. However, the timing for which couldn’t be worse given the emergence of Balakov, a powerful gangster with powers that rival the Darkness’.

This month the issue takes a side step from the action and re-introduces some of the good ol’fashioned horror we’ve come to expect of late from The Darkness. Hine moves his characters like chess pieces into position for the endgame next month.

The goings-on in this title were a bold creative move for a character who was introduced more than 15 years ago, particularly in an era of reboots by both DC and Marvel. The creative team and the publisher deserve recognition for this.

One of my favourite monthlies, which is why it’s classified as REQUIRED READING.

Comic of the Week – 02/01/2013 – All New X-Men #5

All New X-Men #5 © Marvel Comics

WRITTEN BY: Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY: Stuart Immonen
COLOURS: Wade Von Grawbadger and Craig Yeung
COVER BY: Stuart Immonen
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

When I hit the comic shop today I was pretty sure that my first comic of the week was going to be a first issue which would have gone nicely. New Avengers and Morbius were up there on my list of hopefuls and whilst Morbius was enjoyable New Avengers couldn’t have been further from gaining the accolade of Comic of the Week.

I shouldn’t really be surprised that All New X-Men #5 stood out as the top comic this week. I was quite surprised and even left it to last and it occurred to me that Bendis is like that best friend you can rely on – when you’ve missed the bus he’s there to give you a lift or when your girl friends dumped you Bendis is there to get you drunk and that’s how I felt this week surrounded by the potentially great comics and the journey home I was so excited to get in and crack open those comics and with each issue I felt let down and wondered how the hell am I going to pick a comic of the week? Then I got to my last comic and bang!

If you’ve not picked this up yet then this is the fifth issue of the All New X-Men, the title has been dealing with the fallout of Cyclops going crazy due to the Phoenix entity in Avengers Vs. X-Men. In issue one Beast went back in time and brought the original X-Men to the present to shock younger Cyclops so that he can change the future.

Let’s start with the Jean Grey centred cover illustrated by Stuart Immonen, different costumes of Jean Grey and the marriage to Scott Summers on the front cover all beautifully illustrated. Back in November when Geeks Unleashed previewed this comic I fell in love with the cover and have eagerly awaited this issue.

There are many things I love about Bendis:

  1. His writing style – a real conversation happens across the page.
  2. He’s a writing machine – always delivers many comics for a variety of titles with some being more than once a month
  3. Not only does he look at the bigger picture and probably has issue 70 plotted he thinks of the small detail.

This is what is happening in All New X-Men, there are many plot threads but it’s not overwhelming and for characters that he’s never written before you can see he gets these characters, he truly understands them. It’s like Bendis came home. There’s been arguments over the years about decompression (taking a two part story and making it six parts), well Bendis can do that all day long if it means making the best possible story. We could have had the original five X-Men at this point by the end of issue two and skips out lots but instead Bendis has been building on the existing X-Men part of the Marvel Universe. I’ve enjoyed the character interaction between the younger and the older versions of the X-Men.

Although I personally would love to see a resurrected Jean Grey back rather than this time travel story line I trust Bendis enough that I know we’ve not been told everything yet. I’m sure there are things around the corner. The book was mainly centred on Jean Grey and I loved every moment of seeing her back amongst living especially the moment she starts to come into her own, she stands up to Wolverine and all of the X-Men as she wants to stay Kitty Pride backs her. This is a great moment for comics.

The art team of Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Craig Yeung have done an amazing job on this title. Starting with many different versions of the Beast in this book from the young human Beast to 90’s Beast and ending the title with brand new look for Beast and it looks like the cat era of the Beast has come to end thanks to the next step in his mutation. I’ve recently come to really appreciate the work of the colourist recently, although I love the Black and White of Think Tank and Walking Dead both are noticeable for their lack of colour, the scene where older Scott Summers is leaning against a tree in the shade comes together nicely. The double page spread with Jean Grey learning all about her future could quite easily be framed and sit nicely next to my other lithographs.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence on this one, I couldn’t recommend this one strongly enough as required reading. This is clearly the central book for the X-Men and like Scott Snyder‘s Batman which in two major story lines (Night of the Owl and Death of the Family) has had ripples across the rest of the Bat related titles, this title is sure to be one of those books that will make ripples if not tidal waves across the X-Men line and quite possibly the rest of the Marvel Universe.

PREVIEW: Great Pacific #3

Great Pacific #3, written by Joe Harris with artwork by Martin Morazzo, is published by Image comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. And we have a six page preview!

Chas may have proclaimed the Great Pacific Garbage Pitch his own, but lost and alone will be survive?

Top 10 Tech Releases of 2012

I am glad that I have survived the expected Armageddon in December 2012. That day was among the top rumors and discussions and chit chat for 2012. So, 2012 has ended and we are entering the New Year. So let us discuss some technology gadgets which, in my opinion, were among top 10 for the year 2012. Continue reading “Top 10 Tech Releases of 2012”

PREVIEW: The Darkness #109

The Darkness #109, written by David Hine with artwork by Jeremy Haun, is published by Image Comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. The issue is the penultimate one of their second story arc, which has been a revelation, and we have a six page preview.

Jackie has no idea how powerful the gangster Balakov has become and without the Darkness at his command, will he be able to protect his family?

PREVIEW: Fatale #11

Fatale #11, written by Ed Brubaker with artwork by Sean Phillips, is published by Image Comics and is scheduled for release this Wednesday, January 2nd. And having made it into our Top 20 Comics of 2012, we’re delighted to bring you a 5 page preview of the latest issue.

Welcome to 1930s California, where we witness Josephine’s early days with the Femme Fatale curse. Secrets are revealed in this first of four standalone flashback issues.

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