GEEKTINI – The Refresh

Gin cocktail
The day I brought home the Book of the Dead, things were said, not all of them kind.


4 shots of passionfruit juice
2 shots of gin
1 shot of fresh squeezed lime juice

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker half filled with ice, shake thoroughly and pour into two glasses, or if you’re feeling exceptionally in need, just the one.  Garnish with a slice of lime, because lime has a really nice smell.

Hit or miss: HIT! (housemate approved)

I hate endings.  I’ll put off reading the last pages of a book, or just completely restart a video game when I sense the conclusion looming.  This was almost a pathology when I was at school and started to get in the way of my learning.  I started and English Literature A-level but never finished partly due to not being able to write or discuss the ends of the novels we were reading because I could never finish the damn things.

It sounds ridiculous, because it is ridiculous.  I didn’t start to get over it until I was writing my own novel length fanfictions (oh yes, yes I did), but even then, I had Finale Trauma and any of my readers could tell you that my endings were usually rather … abrupt.  As if I needed to get it over with as soon and as painlessly as possible.

What has this to do with above cocktail?

A splendid question and I’m glad I asked it on your behalf.

This week is the last week for two things, the first is Nanowrimo, the second is City of Heroes.

For ‘Courage’, the comic I’m doing this month, I feel a sadness, even though I won’t actually be leaving Cue Ball’s world and you can’t make me.  I feel so because the story I’m telling is one that is at once very personal and very powerful.  It deals with things that I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to say have made me choke up (so many real feels going on).  To feel a goal approaching and knowing I haven’t yet told his story to owt but myself bothers me.  I’ve also managed to sabotage myself a bit, in trying to write the ending right after the beginning.  I usually can’t do that because the way I trick myself into forgetting there is an ending and thus bypass my nonsensical fear of them, I just let a narrative ramble all over the place like an inebriated millipede.

So I need something to remind me that in every ending, there is a beginning.  In every death there is life.

This is why I made the Refresh with gin.  Gin always makes me sad, I have no idea why.  I like the taste of it and I think it goes beautifully with certain cakes and frosting, but it just makes me slightly melancholy.  Perfect for how I feel about endings.

But then, to give that sadness a swift kick up the pants, there’s passionfruit juice and lime juice.  I love passionfruit, even though when you cut them open, they look a bit like lumpy snot.  It’s sweet and sour at the same time and that’s how I’ve always imagined sunlight tastes.  And lime just goes really well with gin as well as being one of your five a day (as is the passionfruit, actually!).  So this means my cocktail is not just a poignant statement of a weird neurosis, it’s also surprisingly healthy for you.


Being dangerously pleasant to drink, the Refresh will pick you up, dust you off and set you back on your path to literary victory.

A drink of sunlight that invokes a sense of summer is certainly good for my other cause of sadness as well.  The servers for City of Heroes will be shut down at 8am on 1 December, due to the time difference between their location and here.  So it’s a goodbye to characters I’ve known, played and written about for about 9 or 8 years, there abouts.  It’s also a goodbye to the home of a community I’ve loved to be part of, though I’m sure we’ll meet again in the MMO-sphere elsewhere.

I just have to keep reminding my neurosis that it’s not the end of the world, approach things with hope and it’ll all be okay.


Please obey the law of your local state and/or country and only drink if you are of legal age and don’t drink and drive.

The Cutting Room Floor Presents: Room 237

Room 237 is a subjective and offbeat Documentary which sets out the task of discovering what Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 Horror masterpiece The Shining was really about. Over 30 years of debating has had fans of the film itching for answers to the strange discrepancies and often confusing yet clever quirks spotted throughout the film. These findings could uncover a whole new meaning to the movie, not to mention a whole new way of viewing it. The film offers around five different conclusions from ominous fanatics of the film, in order to make its eerie yet compelling claims.

This Documentary could honestly give the original Shining movie a run for its money, in terms of it being really entertaining yet really creepy. I’m not sure where Director Rodney Ascher found his odd bunch of Kubrick buffs but wherever he did they all have one thing in common (apart from their love of Kubrick): they have way too much time on their hands. Most of their stories span more than 30 years of analysing and probing of the film. They all view the film in very strange and different ways from one another and over time have built up a massive obsession with unlocking it’s secrets, so much so that they have all probably developed the ability to Shine themselves like the original film’s charming Infant Danny. Yes a committed bunch they are, but not without a hint of delusion.

Danny Torrence as he discovers girls for the first time ©

It’s utterly compelling and unique viewing, one that requires maximum concentration from the viewer in order to see and make judgments on claims displayed and pointed out on-screen by the films blank narrators. Sometimes they add depth, or cause sometimes head scratching moments of intrigue whilst revealing their questionable findings, leading to their complex and often farfetched theories. Some points are arresting (The amount of times the number 42 appears in the film) whilst some absurd (Stuart Ullman sporting an Erection, anyone?). Yet with all of this, not once does it seem like hard viewing. Sure the first 15 minutes may be difficult to set you off but once you adjust to the film’s stalking patience and dense presentation it begins to fall right into place.  Much of the credit should go to the engrossing original background score by William Huston and Jonathan Snipes, who evoke both The Shining and Kubrick’s earlier masterpiece 2001 a Space Odyssey by use of electronic sounds and layers. All sit quite unsettling, eerie and even sometimes a little scary over the films experimental visuals.

The film is shot almost completely with stock footage (accept for one scene) from many of Kubrick’s films, shots of him on set and cuts from other movies that shouldn’t really have a place in this film but do. This style has been used before as almost an alternative way to convey storytelling that would usually be physically missing from this type of Documentary (plus add a little cheeky humour). The 2002 film The Kid Stays in the Picture used the method to tell the story of notorious Hollywood Producer Robert Evans, scenes from the Likes of Serpico, Love Story and The Cotton Club play over his cocksure narration displaying his excessive lifestyle with playful imagery largely absent from the film before hand. I felt rather at home watching Dr Bill Harford Cruise (get it) around a darkened Cinema, Alex DeLarge staring into his own ultra violence and Keir Dullea mind wrestle with the sinister Hal 3000, these shots from Kubrick’s most famous back catalogue more than compliment and fit in with what is being discussed in the background by the patchy yet largely listenable fanatics.

This guy haunts my dreams ©FilmList

However this film will not be for everyone, despite it being visually and musically satisfying Kubrick and Shining connoisseurs will probably be turned away by the few fanatics’ enigmatic claims. Most will pass them off as mere coincidence and no doubt laugh out loud at some of their absurdity, and self-proclaimed film historians/buffs will more than likely be offended that they do not share the same self-assurance & enthusiasm as our misguided theorists. Although there’s no doubting the films point of interest even if you don’t believe the claims, to just listen to them talking you through all what they believe they have uncovered is very endearing and so watchable.

One of the most interesting points of the film is how little about The Shining it actually contains, as there really isn’t much mention to the story of the film. Some exceptions being bits comparing the original film to the source novel it was adapted from (by Stephen King). King notoriously hated Kubrick’s so-so interpretation of his cult book, even stretching his limits to scribing the 1990’s (badly conceived) T.V remake. An even more pressing point is that most of the fanatics in the film are more drawn to Kubrick rather than The Shining, more often than not our dark narrators allude to the fact that they actually didn’t like The Shining film before spotting their outlandish findings that they picked up over time. The theories were apparently what piqued their interest for the film in the first place, which hadn’t been there when they viewed it without these finds. Some even noting it as Kubrick’s weakest picture to date. This raises the question of whether The Shining is one made for the intellectual or not, that the everyday family in crisis/ghost story is something cleverly placed there for the casual viewer. It could mean that none of this is really important to what the film actually is and what it’s trying to convey, that the real importance lies behind the films mask, the pictures on the walls, the overlooks confusing fixtures and all too often mistakes. These all point towards The Shining containing a much deeper and universal meaning, it really  being a much more complex and historical piece, told through kaleidoscope metaphors and subliminal imagery that is set to make the audience think and see, as well as challenge their own point of view and perception.

I wish this was my Dad ©ThisDistractedGlobe

For some this will be a curveball along the carpet, a messy compilation of woeful theories from misguided fanatics. To most I think it will be an interesting if not light-hearted trip into the dark side and dark minds of people who think they’ve found much bigger meaning to something nonexistent to others. For me it’s a stark and creepy celebration of the ultimate fandom most share. We would all love to find something more than meets the eye to our obsessions so we can become geniuses in our own right. Room 237 keeps The Shining alive & well and it will do forever…and ever…and ever.


Kickstarter Review: With The Earth Above Us

With The Earth Above Us
Screenshot of WTEAU

With The Earth Above Us is a science fiction adventure set aboard the Melvin V, humans’ first interplanetary vessel. There seems to be an issue with the ship’s artificial intelligence system. The AI system known as SAM destroys a whole section of the Melvin but Sheridan, a maintenance engineer, comes under suspicion.

If you’re curious about the story you can read the whole first book for free.

All the art is black and white, which is OK. It gives the comic a dramatic retro feel to it, which is what author/artist Lee Milewski is going for. Melvin V is rather interesting, it’s shaped like an upside down bowler hat with three antennae poking up. The antennae looking structures appear to be the various wings of the ship. It’s a unique design.

The idea of rogue AI can make for some fun storytelling. It’ll be cool to see where Lee takes us.

With The Earth Above Us on Kickstarter

Larry Hagman Dies – Aged 81

The Dallas News reports that Larry Hagman had given into cancer on Friday (November 23) at Medical City in Dallas. His family said that there have been recent complications in his battle with cancer, Hagman announced back in October 2011 that he had cancer.

In a touching statement from his family, they commented that “Larry was back in his beloved Dallas re-enacting the iconic role he loved most,” and went onto say that all of Larry’s friends and family had been with him for Thanksgiving; “Larry’s family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for.

Bobby and JR Ewing © TNT

Although having played many roles Hagman rose to fame in his role as Major Anthony Nelson in the 1965 television show; I Dream of Jeanie but it wasn’t until he played his iconic and most well known role as J.R. Ewing in 1978 that he really shot to fame, a role that he has played in many forms of Dallas over the years including the popular spin-off; Knots Landing and even more recently the TNT reboot which is centred on the children of both Ewing brothers.

TNT recently renewed the rebooted series for a second season however it is currently unknown what will now happen to the television show.

For me personally I will always remember Larry Hagman for his role as J.R. Ewing, when I was growing up in the 80’s I used to sit with my Mum and watch Dallas and the story line of ‘Who Shot Jr?” and the final season’s finale where the Devil tries to convince Jr to take his own life, being standout moments for me. When Hagman made a two episode appearance in Desperate Housewives in 2011 I was over the moon and hoped for more from his character and although his character only lasted two episodes; TNT answered my prays and brought the Ewing brothers back for the rebooted series this year for ten episodes and although it was obvious he was aging he still wore the mischievous character of J.R. very well.

Larry Hagman will be missed by everyone here at GeeksUnleashed and we send our condolences to his family and friends.

Black Ops II – Get Ready for a Gory Ride

I have a confession to make. I did not – in their entirety – play the other Call of Duty games. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy good shooter games as much as the next girl (or guy) but I didn’t follow the story line as I would some other games.
In the case of Black Ops II, the story line was far more interesting than ever expected! In fact, it’s pretty fantastic.

There are a lot of people who may disagree and even those who will praise Halo 4 as being the superior game and normally I may agree with you, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised by Black Ops II.

Here’s Why…

The single player campaign mode has definite re-playability which is something that wasn’t present in previous games of this type. You beat the game and – unless there was an online multi-player mode – that was it.
This single player mode features two connected storylines; one set in the 1970’s into1980’s and the other in the year 2025. The manner in which the stories are connected is very cool but I’m not giving that bit away. 😉

They have re-introduced zombie mode and revamped it to make it even greater. Zombie mode has it’s own campaign along with the main story line. Does it get better? Yes, it does. There is also an eight player co-op mode. That means, you and seven of your friends get in on the zombie killing action! Four players vs four players vs zombies. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Before each single player mission, there is the option to customise…well, everything; from skins on your guns to projectiles and other gear. Though you must unlock nearly everything through mission completion and fulfilling objectives. If you’re a veteran player (pun intended) this will be nothing new.
I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of receiving new items and gear through mission completion so this is not a down-fall in my opinion.

Multi-player is not something I’ve explored fully but as far as I can tell, it’s the only aspect of the game that leaves something to be desired. Some people may see the new options as a plus but I feel it may take away from the multi-player aspect.
You have a limited number of equipment pieces you can bring to battle with you so I suppose if you fancy one weapon over others, this may work well for you as you will be able to take a perk with you rather than an item you rarely use.
Players must now earn tokens to unlock new items in place of the older system of items being unlocked automatically. That may take some getting used to but I will have to play a bit more before I say I dislike it completely.

All in all, Black Ops II has a great story line, gratuitous gore and some new aspects that make the game even better than before. It will certainly give Halo 4 a run for it’s money, as they say. I suggest giving it a go – if you haven’t done so already!

One final note: Treyarch and Activision did a very good job of keeping their promise on the ESRB rating of Mature. It gets pretty intense even in earlier scenes of the campaign so if you have small children, I suggest skipping this one for a game with a bit less gore.

Here’s a trailer I particularly enjoyed. I hope you will too.

Friday Night Music News Roundup

Bullet For My Valentine will be supporting Slipknot at Download 2013 © BBC

Download 2013: romantic homicide in Derbyshire?

Welsh metal outfit Bullet for My Valentine have signed-up for Download 2013. The official Twitter announced that they were to feature “underneath the mighty Slipknot”. Slipknot have yet to comment on the matter.

Iron Maiden headline Graspop 2013 

The relentless Maiden England machine continues to hit Europe’s big venues, with Belgium’s Graspop Festival the latest to fall afoul of Eddie and co. Sonisphere in Italy and France are already in the bag, with Download featuring in-between.

Solitary Pussy Riot

Maria Alyokhina, one of the imprisoned members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, has been moved to solitary confinement. Alyokhina is currently serving a two-year sentence at a prison camp deep in the Urals, 700 miles east of Moscow.

Lady Gagaing order: two’s company, 35’s a crowd

New York yodeler Lady “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” Gaga has revealed that she discovered 35 fans hiding in her garage. The 26-year old had been rummaging around for a midnight snack when she stumbled on a security camera revealing the invading force. Gaga, who was naked at the time of intrusion, seemed unphased by developments.

…and finally

Weird Al Yankovic, Alice Cooper, Maria Menounos, Bret Michaels scaring the kiddies © Annoying Orange

Season’s Freakings: Weird Al Yankovic, Maria Menounos, Bret Michaels, and Alice Cooper… …will be joining the cast of Annoying Orange in a range of skits and strange takes on holiday songs.  Weird Al, Michaels, and Cooper will be singing a ‘Holiday Mash-Up’, while former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, Maria Menounos is rumoured to flirt with Orange.

Which puts a new spin on the notion of ‘freshly squeezed’…

REVIEW: Clone #1

SKYBOUND is an “all-new imprint of Image Comics” – comics and their creators are hand-picked by Robert Kirkman for the imprint. And whilst unimpressed with Thief of Thieves and Dancer, Clone #1 is perhaps their strongest release to date – consider that ‘damned with faint praise’.

When an identical, but bloodied, version of himself arrives on his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones, Dr. Luke Taylor’s idyllic life grinds to a dramatic halt, particularly when he learns they are all after his pregnant wife.

Clone #1, written by David Schulner (executive producer Do No Harm), with artwork by Juan Jose Ryp (Black Summer, Wolverine: The Best There Is) and Felix Serrano (Thief of Thieves), was touted as “a sci-fi story like you’ve never seen before” – I’m inclined to disagree, although it passes the time.

Whilst well-paced, it’s less than engaging. The artwork is incredible detailed and reminiscent of Hard Boiled by Frank Miller and Nick Pitarra.

The book raises many a question – unfortunately I’m not overly interested in the answers.

Geek Street: The United States of BubbleGoth

“…putting together light and dark, opposites, and things you don’t necessarily think go together” – Kerli Koiv, creator of the BubbleGoth term and insanely fashionable singer/songwriter.

© AOL Music

Bubblegoth is geeky because, at its essence it is unique. It draws upon themes not often explored by your average fashionista. I’m talking major influences of Japanese culture, Lolita styles and cosplay combined with heavy metal aspects, dark gothic features, neon raver type ideas, Marie Antoinette held up against industrial thrash. Are you getting the idea? It may all sound a little extreme, but BubbleGoth goes hand in hand with the everyday too.

I’ve picked out a few key accessories.  For me, these things really represent the Bubblegoth style.

© Tokyo Fashion

High soled shoes are a BubbleGoth must.  These are found most popularly on Ebay, however Converse are making their own wedged classics. They are calling these bad boys Max Stars.  If you’re feeling more ‘bubble’ than ‘goth’, you can purchase these beauties in arrange of pastel colours!

Again, delving into the delights of Ebay, we have the Japanese influence shining through with this cute as heck panda handbag.  These also come in plush versions, although some people might find ripping open a teddy and stuffing it with their daily needs a little sinister, but: that’s the idea!

Source: Ebay

Anything that you can spot that is potentially a symbol of darkness or y’know, something transgressive but drenched in pastel paint, is always a good BubbleGoth idea.  For example, a miniaturised, mint green AK47 to wear as a ring, or a lemon yellow skull necklace (both of which do exist and are googleable).  It’s all about teaming up opposing themes.

This gorgeous fascinator can be found at

Source: Kiss My Cherry

Kiss My Cherry and comes in many different colours and styles.  Fascinators are a brilliant touch to an otherwise plain outfit, and teaming up the dark pirate skull and crossbones with a pretty polka-dot bow makes it extra Bubblegoth.

BubbleGoth hair:

Here are some hair tutorials that you can adopt into your every day fashion, and some to use if you are going on a night out or to a festival.

Adding BubbleGoth to your outfit…
In terms of entire outfits, here are some of the prominent BubbleGoth influences that you can mix and match at your leisure. Try adding a few of these to your regular wardrobe.

Japanese Influence: Lolita pigtails, Lolita dresses, lace socks, parasols


Heavy Metal Influence: Band tees teamed with soft accessories, patches on pastel denim, spiked jewellery

© Happyfans,com

Renaissance Influence: Tall hair, lace gloves, exaggerated make up, corsets

Dark Goth Influence: Leather corsets, dark make up, spikes, PVC, long coats, black, whole finger rings


Rave Influence: hair springs, false dreadlocks, neon coloured tops, lights in clothes, white, tutus

Industrial Influence: metallic looking clothing, contact lenses, scaffold piercings, high soled shoes

I hope this weeks issue of Geek Street has indeed been geeky enough.  Many of the things I have listed above need not cost you the earth.  I firmly believe in making/creating as many of your own outfits as possible, and by stitching, glueing, adding, ripping and dyeing your own stuff, you can truly put your own stamp upon your wardrobe, meaning nobody out there will have anything like what you’ve created.

So go ahead, buy some cheap key ingredients on Ebay, (like the Kanekalon false hair to make your own neon dreads, the lace for your rhinestone studded gloves, the Black PVC corset to wear underneath your pretty knitted pastel cardie…) and get creative.  Don’t forget… BubbleGoth isn’t just about finding cultural clues to add to your wardrobe, it’s about taking polar opposites and holding them up against each other.  Wear your hair like they did in the French Revolution, but make sure you wear your silver leggings.

Glasgow Film Festival Preview

Glasgow Film Festival 2013


February not only brings dismal weather to Scotland this year, but also the highly successful Glasgow Film Festival. Now in its thirteenth year, the GFF is the fastest growing and third biggest event in the country. Last year, 35,000 people attended the 350+ events, showing that not only London has the monopoly on the festival circuit.

Glasgow is a great vibrant city full of history, and a perfect place to hold such a massive event. Edinburgh is seen as the festival capital of Scotland, but Glasgow is certainly starting to turn a few heads and change some minds.

This year sees a very Geek-centric festival; with BBC’s Robert Florence (fae Burnistoun oan the telly) curating Game Cats Go Miow! Hoping to make Glasgow the film festival destination for gamers, the programme includes a live interactive comedy gaming chat show (Rab’s Video Game Empty), featuring lots of special guests and audience participation. There will also be a live review from a panel of experts of the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game, followed by a screening of the original Aliens film. To top all this off, there is also a Cosplay Gala screening of a special film, with best dressed prizes up for grabs.

A funny man who’s intae games aye? ©

The festival will also host Kapow!@GFF, a superhero strand curated by Mark Millar, for all those comic book Geeks out there. I doubt any other film festivals caters to our fellow Geek quite as much as the GFF, so make sure you book yourself some tickets and head north (call it an early Christmas present, you deserve it).

Intae yir comics, aye? ©Collider

For the discerning film buffs out there looking for something a bit more cerebral and thought provoking, the festival is also hosting a showcase of the very best in Brazilian cinema. If City of God and Elite Squad are anything to go by, you also wouldn’t want to miss this.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy reading their movies (in which case, please leave now, we can’t be friends anymore), the festival is also holding a James Cagney retrospective, looking at the work of one of the finest and most versatile actors to grace the silver screen.

The golden age of cinema ©FreeInfoSociety

That’s a lot going on for one film festival, but it keeps getting bigger. We also have the Glasgow Music and Film Festival, the Glasgow Short Film Festival, and the Glasgow Youth Film Festival, showcasing pretty much everything any self respecting cineaste could ask for.

The World is yours ©ToadsCaravan

The main festival runs from the 14th – 24th of February 2013, with the Youth Festival running between the 3rd – 13th, and the Short Film Festival running between the 7th – 10th.

Tickets go on sale on the 19th of January, but for those excited few you can enquire about purchasing Early Bird specials here. All that is left to ask is, what are you still doing reading this? Head over to the website and get involved:

Main Festival site.

What’s on.

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