Geeks Unleashed’s Top Twenty Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013

So the holidays are over, and the cold days of January have begun. But fear not! We’ve got a list of 2013’s twenty most anticipated shows to keep your spirits up!

Geeks Unleashed’s Top Ten Best TV Shows of 2012

By guest writer Katelyn Barners: “To save you any undue angst this Festive Season, and to get the DVD stocks in early, I went on a bold mission to uncover the ten best TV shows of 2012.”

TV Review: The Walking Dead S0308 “Made to Suffer”

Having missed reviewing “When the Dead Come Knocking” I made sure my internet was working tonight. In this week’s mid-season finale Rick and the group venture to Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie and boy if it wasn’t an interesting trip.