Cutters Choice, Danny DeVito and World Domination: Five-Minutes with King Lizard’s Flash Roxx

London’s King Lizard is very much alive, very much kicking and very much above ground. Seeking a little hard rock vitality, I took a call from a certain Flash Roxx for a shot of the good stuff.

Geeks Unleashed Interview: Steve Niles on Criminal Macabre: Final Night – The 30 Days of Night Crossover

Geeks Unleashed sit down with Comic Book Writer, the lovely Steve Niles. We chat to the 30 Days of Night creator about his latest work, Crimal Macabre: Final night, and his work as a prominant Horror comic book writer.

Novel Review and Interview: Joe Vampire by Steven Luna

Joe Vampire… a solid novel. And it’s not so much a novel, really, as it is a… blog. Steven Luna chose to tell the story of Joe Vampire through the words of a vampire blog, and it was all very… brilliant, actually.